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“Will not happen to me! It did.

I have been diving in Cozumel for over 30 years. The more dives I made, (over 500) the more confident I became. I entered from shore on the North end of the Island, I strapped on my Spare Air for the first time and started the long swim out to the area where I have seen numerous Eagle Rays. I made it out to ledge and started my wait for the Eagle Rays.

Once I dropped within two feet of the bottom, I was swept over the edge by a down draft current that I have never experienced. It was as if I had dropped into a waterfall. I was swept over the edge and was sucked down to two hundred feet before I knew what happened. I immediately inflated my BC to slow my decent but nothing helped. I had no time to dump my weights as everything happened in a split second.

I fought to get to the wall to grab on because I knew I had to stop my decent or I was dead. At that point I quickly checked my air. 100 PSI.

I started clawing my way up the wall. The current was so strong that it pulled my mask off my face. I took a breath and felt that terrible feeling when you know that you have little if any air left. I knew that I was probably down to zero air. I was correct. I grabbed my Spare Air and took my first breath from it at 120 feet down. My last breath was at 60 feet. I pulled up the wall and kicked for my life. I popped to the surface and took a HUGE breath of sweet air.

Swam to shore and drove myself to the Hyperbolic Chamber. I was lucky. No DCS. No symptoms whatsoever. My dive computer showed a depth of 205 feet.

Thank You Spare Air!”

Mark Kay, Belleair Beach, FL

“I wish I could tell people who never think it could happen to them that it is very possible. I wish more people could see that Spare Air gives them the extra air needed to get back up and that their octopus won’t do that for them. I know some people say that it costs more than other products, but I ask what is your life worth? I don’t like to think about what could have happened to me if I wasn’t wearing my Spare Air. I don’t know if I would still be walking around in good health. All I can say is that I don’t dive without it!”

George L. Lucas, Divers World

“Dive with a buddy, monitor your SPG, use an alternate air source, surface with 500 psi of air in your tank. These are the basics. No matter how experienced we become or how many dives we accumulate these rules remain constant. Recently, while diving and having the time of my life, I, yes me, had an out of air experience. If I never have to use my Spare Air again I will be quite content, but I certainly will continue to carry it on all of my dives. It is this instructor’s opinion that there is simply no better, more compact, easy to use, easy to carry, alternate air system available for recreational scuba divers. Thanks Spare Air.”

David Skydel, Oceanside, CA

“I have always said that it could never happen to me. Well, one day it did. I ran out of air at 75 ft. It was the second dive of the day, during the surface interval I swapped out tanks. My greatest mistake was that I never looked at the gauge. To my surprise, the second tank was never filled completely; it only had about 1000 psi. Thank God I was wearing my Spare Air. I simply put it in my mouth and began to breathe. At that moment I realized just how precious air is. Thank you for your ingenious product. I know it saved me from injury or perhaps death. Now I will not jump in without it!”

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