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I just received my SPARE AIR unit from your company, and could not be more pleased with the response to my problem. Your company cleaned the tank and overhauled the regulator. You also sent me a carry bag with instructions on how to install the washers.

I have decided to never again dive without my SPARE AIR unit, and I'm recommending the same safety procedure to my diving friends. Thank you, again, for your prompt, kind, and outstanding customer service.

Jim Luger, Minneapolis, MN

"I wrote to your company to request assistance with a problematic Spare Air. I am happy to report that I am again a completely satisfied customer, recommending your product to my diving friends. You may be interested to know that I dive with a group of 4 guys every weekend and I've convinced two of the three that they need a Spare Air."

Al Testani, Boca Raton, FL

"I have received my Spare Air unit that you repaired for me. Not only did you repair the unit, you were gracious enough to upgrade the unit to a new standard that I was not familiar with. What is most amazing is that you did not charge me for either of the services. I will make it a point to let my diving colleagues know of your product, and more importantly, your customer service."

George Tamalis

"UPS delivered our two repaired and rebuilt Spare Airs. I was very impressed with both the speed and the extent that Submersible Systems went to in responding to a customer complaint. We have never been treated better!"

Robert Sigman, Appleton, WI

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for expediting and delivering my Spare Air to me. It was comforting to have the Spare Air strapped to me on my recent trip just in case something might have gone wrong. I really appreciate your sincere concern for your customer's needs."

Ed Yamomoto

"About two weeks ago, before I knew I was taking this dive trip, I sent my Spare Air to Submersible Systems. I called the customer service department with my dilemma. At first, when it looked like my unit was not ready, you attempted to procure a replacement for me. When you called back, in less than an hour, you had found that my Spare Air had been serviced and would ship overnight so that I would have it in time for my dive trip."

E. Trent McCarthy, Baton Rouge, LA

"Unfortunately UPS lost my unit coming back to me from being repaired by you. I called your company and indicated that I was leaving for Cayman Brac and wanted to take the unit with me. Chriss said that she would make sure either I received my unit or she would UPS overnight a loaner unit. UPS did not deliver, but Chriss did. I received the Spare Air just as she had promised. Thanks!"

Rom Callahan, Osprey, FL

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