2020 40th Anniversary Contest

Enter to WIN
a 40th Anniversary
Limited Edition
SPARE AIR Package!

Fill out and submit our online form to win a Spare Air.
Only one entry per person. See RULES for all contest rules, limits and details.

  1. One Drawing Entry per person per month.
  2. Non-winning entries are not carried over to next month's drawing.
  3. Winning entries may not enter future drawings in this contest.
  4. Drawing Entries must be submitted in the name of a certified SCUBA Diver.
  5. All fields must be completed on the Drawing Entry form to be eligible.
  6. A winner will be randomly selected from all eligible Drawing Entries on the last day of each month starting March 31, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020.
  7. Web Form Entries must be electronically received before the drawing is held at the end of the month. Any drawing received after the time of the drawing will be applied to the next month's drawing. Any entries submitted after the last drawing in December will be invalid.
  8. Mail-in entries must be received by Submersible Systems, LLC the day before the drawing at the end of the month to be eligible. at:
    40th Anniversary Monthly Drawing
    Submersible Systems, LLC
    7413 Slater Avenue
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647 USA
    and must include your name, address, valid email, and phone number.
  9. Winning Drawing Entry will be awarded one SPARE AIR 40th Anniversary Package (Part Number 300PKBLU00327910S) with a limited edition anodized blue cylinder. Package includes Holster, SCUBA Tank Refill Adapter, Safety Leash & 40th Anniversary SPARE AIR T-Shirt.
  10. Winning Drawing Entry includes shipping to the address indicated on the entry form.
  11. Winning Drawing Entry must respond to contact messages (as indicated by their drawing information) regarding the winning of the contest within 30 days of the drawing/notification or entry will be forfeit.
  12. Any Drawing Entry may be rejected at the discretion of Submersible Systems for any reason, including but not limited to incomplete forms/form fields, multiple entries, unreadable mail-in forms, or suspected fraudulent information.
  13. Winner authorizes Submersible Systems, LLC to publish their name on promotional materials including, but not limited to, the announcing of the winner on our website.