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At Submersible Systems, Inc. we like to listen to our customers. We hear from our customers from time-to-time, and think some ideas your are worth passing on to others. If you have a tip or trick for storing, cleaning, mounting or using your Spare Air, share it with us. We'll publish the best ideas, and you may even get something for it. Best of all, you may help improve your fellow divers underwater experience, and better yet, even help save a life! Send us an email with your tip.

I travel out to an offshore oil rig by helicopter (90mins). I keep my spare air in case of emergancy landing and possible submersion of the helicopter.

(thanks Davie B.)

Editor's Note: Submersible System's manufactures a model specifically for Helicopter Emergency egress. This version of the Spare Air is designated the HEED3, or Helicopter Emergency Egress Device 3rd Generation, produced for the military and general aviation providing breathing air in waterborne or toxic-air emergencies.

I keep one on my 40' boat to use for both emergency repairs and just normal checking of the bottom and zincs. If I hit an object the Spare Air gives much needed time to get overboard quick, see what the problem is and make emergency underwater repairs. In addition, I can check my rudders, shafts, props, zincs, etc with ease and even change zincs without the expense of hauling the boat.

(thanks Roy H.)

Use a Spare Air to recover something in shallow water. When something drops overboard, sometimes the only chance to rescue the items is right when it falls in. Grab your Spare Air, don a mask and dive in. Not recommended for deep diving.

Free an anchor. When we're ready to enter or leave a dive site, it takes no time at all to grab a mask and Spare Air, jump in the water and free up the anchor without destroying the choral or other sea life.

Snorkeling. Use your Spare Air unit as an accessory for snorkeling. If you see something worth exploring, exchange your snorkel for your Spare Air and take a closer look.

(thanks Andrew L.)

Free a prop. With inboard motors and crab traps that you cant always see, I use it to cut the rope free from the props.

(thanks Dave H.)

Fire Safety. Keep your FILLED Spare Air next to your bed in case of a fire in your home.

(thanks Jeff D.)

Editor's Note: According to the Children's Hospital Boston, "The majority of fire-related deaths (75 percent) are caused by smoke inhalation of the toxic gases produced by fires."

Make quick pool repairs. If you find yourself with a stuck hydrostatic value at the bottom of your swim pool, or other repair, it is much easier to to use your spare air to work on the problem.

(thanks Steven B.)

Editors Note: Clean your equipment after use by rinsing with clean water. This is especially important when exposing your Spare Air to swimming pool chemicals.

Explore! When you are at a lake and you want to see what's under the dock or just under the water, grab your Spare Air and go explore.

(thanks Aaron P.)

Self Rescue. As an Ultralight float plane pilot, I keep my Spare Air attached to my inflatable life preserver. It serves as extra piece of mind when landing in sea chop or glossy lakes. If I flip over, I have my Spare Air and knife to free myself.

(thanks Ron N.)

Editor's Note: Submersible Systems offers a modified Spare Air call the HEED 3 - designed especially as a Helicopter Emergency Egress Device and packaged with a custom holster designed for attaching to flight vests and mollie type vests. For more information, visit

Avalanche Survival. My buddy uses his Spare Air while snow boarding and skiing. Our mutual friend got stuck in an avalanche and was buried, with no injuries he died only of suffocation before he could be rescued. If he had a Spare Air both of us would still have a great friend.

(thanks David M.)

Editor's Note: The Spare Air is used in many rescue and safety situations, including by the military for Emergency Helicopter Egress. For extreme sports, Submersible Systems offers the convenient Spare Air Xtreme Sport.

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