Compare Spare Air to Other Redundant Systems

Requires Little Training
Can be Used for Self Rescue
An Independ­ent Air Supply
Can Be Handed Off At Arms Length
Easy to Use, Carry and Mount
Easy to Travel With N/A

Smart Divers Make Spare Air Standard Equipment

Why? Because out-of-air-emergencies can happen. That is why you practiced how to handle them when you learned to dive. Can they happen to a careful diver who constantly checks his pressure gauge? Yes, they can. Do you know the 21 ways divers run out of air? Because anything mechanical is subject to occasional failure, no mater how high the quality control and maintenance. Think about the Space Shuttle. Your car. Your SCUBA gear.

What is SPARE AIR?

It is NOT an octopus. An octopus, or "safe" second stage cannot give you a single extra breath of air. Not one. You must depend on your buddy's octopus... and depend upon him to have enough air to share with you... and depend upon him being nearby, aware and able and willing at the exact moment you need him. Otherwise, the only emergency for which an octopus can help is a second-stage failure.

It is NOT buddy breathing. We must be honest. How easy would it be to take your air supply out of your mouth at 100 feet and give it to a panic-stricken, adrenaline-crazed "buddy" you just met on the dive boat? Or what if you lose contact for just a moment... looking for that extra-large lobster, or admiring an exceptionally beautiful sea creature... and that is THE moment you find yourself without air? Even the diving magazines have published stories of diving professionals being unable to make buddy breathing work during an actual emergency.

It is NOT Sharing Air. Your dive buddy is always inches away from you, right? Always watching to see if you need help? Fully trained and able to help if you needed help? You went over what to do in an emergency with your buddy on the surface before the dive, right? You have practiced sharing air with your buddy, haven't you? The point is that, in the moment you need your buddy most they may not, or cannot, be there to help you. What do the experts say about sharing air?

It is NOT a Pony Bottle. Honestly, a pony bottle will give you extra air and can save you in the event of an emergency. However, as you know, very few recreational divers actually dive with pony bottles. Why? Do you want extra hoses hanging off you and causing potential snag hazards, 10 plus pounds of extra weight to lug around and the additional hassle of setting up a second set of gear?

Spare Air IS the solution.

Imagine being able to easily reach... at any time... a completely independent source of air weighing only 2 pounds. Fits easily in the palm of your hand. No additional hoses to worry about. Enough air to see you through the emergency without scrambling for the surface, risking the bends, an embolism or worse. Spare Air gives you those extra breaths. It can honestly save your life or the life of someone you should be taking care of. If you need Spare Air, you have it instantly. If your buddy needs it, you can give him Spare Air at arm's length, and you can both ascend safely.

We Think Diving is Safe, but it Can and Should be Made Safer!

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