Refilling Spare Air

Pressure Indicator: Spare Air requires filling.

Pressure Indicator: Spare Air is filled to 3000 psi.

Dial Gauge: Shows actual pressure in psi.


Spare Air is a refillable, fully self-contained breathing device. The always-on regulator is ready to deliver live-saving air in an underwater emergency or toxic air environment. The pin on the standard Pressure Indicator will rise while filling and when flush with the top, unit is full at 3000 psi. The pin will recess into the pressure indicator when the unit requires refilling. With the optional Dial Gauge Pressure Indicator the needle points to actual pressure in psi or bar. Spare Air should be stored full or with some positive pressure to prevent contaminants from entering the cylinder. Store in a clean, dry environment with optimum temperatures of 50-75ºF for best product performance. Avoid direct sunlight, automobile trunks or other areas subject to temperature extremes. Industry guidelines recommend replacing air in cylinders annually.

There are 4 easy methods for refilling Spare Air:


Refilling from

Spare Air can be filled using the SCUBA tank refill adapter attached to a filled 3000 psi SCUBA tank.

Thread the 910S Tank Refill Adapter onto the check valve port of your Spare Air. SCUBA tank must be full in order to completely fill Spare Air.
Place the refill adapter onto a filled SCUBA Tank. Slowly open the tank valve to allow the pressure to equalize, filling your Spare Air.

For complete refilling instructions, view page 5 of the Spare Air Owner's Manual. The complete Owner's Manual is available on our Downloads page.


Refilling at a
Local Dive Shop

The Spare Air can be filled at any local SCUBA Diving Shops using the optional air compressor refill adapter.

Thread the 920C Air Compressor Refill Adapter onto the check valve port of your Spare Air.
Attach the compressor whip to the refill adapter. Release air into Spare Air to 3000 psi.

Refilling from a compact Air Compressor

Refill from the comfort of your home, boat or anywhere you need quick and easy access to fill your Spare Air, Heed or EasyDive products from the Nomad III compact air compressor.

Includes 930C Custom Air Compressor Refill Adapter.
Simply thread adapter onto the product refill port and then quick connect to the Nomad III, plug in and turn on, and fill in minutes. Nomad weighs less than 20 pounds and includes travel bag for easy transportation. Click here for more information.

Refilling from
a Hand Pump

Fill Spare Air/Heed anywhere, anytime using our quality High-pressure Hand Pump. You just supply the man-power! Comes with a DryPac filter and custom refill adapter to fill Spare Air out of the box.

Our Hand Pump includes 930C Custom Refill Adapter.
Simply thread adapter onto the product refill port and then quick connect to the Hand Pump and begin pumping. Click here for more information and pump estimates.

Note: if the unit is completely emptied of air in any underwater conditions, refer to the manual regarding proper servicing before refilling your Spare Air.

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