Beware counterfeits and Knock-offs
There is no Substitute for Spare Air

An authentic Spare Air displays the Spare Air logo, MADE IN USA, and made by Submersible Systems, Inc.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" was first printed back in 1824 by Charles Caleb Colton. We understand that Spare Air is a great way to save your own life in an out-of-air emergency, and it is natural for others to try and make a similar product at a cheaper price.

Submersible Systems has spent 45 years perfecting a product we are extremely proud of. It is difficult to copy what we have learned, and reverse engineering a Spare Air does not supply anyone with the knowledge gained from years of experience. Spare Air is made in the USA by Submersible Systems, Inc - an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Many of the components are produced in our Huntington Beach factory to very tight specifications. Utilizing proper test equipment to maintain rigorous standards, Submersible Systems only produces high quality life support equipment designed to save your life in an out-of-air emergency. Trust your life to professionals!

Submersible Systems, Inc specializes in making "The Original" Spare Air for Scuba Divers (read why Larry Williamson invented the Spare Air) and HEED (Helicopter Emergency Egress Device) for military applications regarding waterborne emergencies. We don't make anything else that would distract us from our commitment to making the most reliable redundant emergency SCUBA device.

Spare Air authentic products are sold only by quality dive shops and distributors world-wide as well as directly by Submersible Systems, Inc's  online shopping cart. Beware of heavily discounted online stores or promotions, you are likely buying a counterfeit or subjected to a scam.

But recently we have discovered some obvious examples of knock-offs that we worry can result in injury or death - they just don't measure up. One actually copies our marketing message, and we don't want you to be confused about the difference between products.

Marketing Message copied from Spare Air

There are several models of counterfeit Spare Air units for sale in many countries, however they are all manufactured in China. They are private labeled for resellers so you may see them marketed under different names. Some of the marketing names they are using are: SMACO, SCORKL, Karbones, DiDEEP, DEDEPU, Lung Tank and Scopel. These product copies do not really compete with SPARE AIR as they cannot be used at recreation diving depths. Beware as some have copied Spare Air's long established marketing messages. Over 20 years ago, Spare Air used the phrase "A diver's reserve parachute" and "THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT" to emphasize that when an emergency happens at 2,000 feet up or 80 feet underwater, your life depends upon your backup systems. Used mainly in magazine advertisements over the years and currently part of our marketing message, some have copied these phrases. Again, we don't want you to confuse their product with ours.

The tanks produced for these counterfeits are not DOT certified (and have not received a DOT stamp) making them illegal to use in the USA. Reputable dive shops will not fill or support this product.

Servicing breathing devices regularly is critical to keep them working! While Spare Air has distributors and dealers around the globe who will repair the regulator and hydro-test the cylinder (important to ensure the cylinder is safe), the counterfeits do not have such a network forcing you to ship your product to China. We have heard from so many who have tried to get service but end up just throwing the unit away when it stops working. On the other hand, we have customers who, with regular service, have continued to use their Spare Air units for over 45 years.

Submersible Systems takes your safety very seriously and is worried that consumers will see this product as a replacement for proven, established products like Spare Air. The quality of the counterfeits, along with slow or non-existent customer support, leads us to offer a warning about these counterfeit devices.

Submersible Systems recommends you become certified in SCUBA before using any underwater breathing device that is designed to be used at depth for any length of time.

Be informed – there is no substitute for Quality!

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