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"I have been using Spare Air since it first came out: Even on deep dives where I have a pony bottle I still feel comfortable with my light weight spare air as an addition. For normal sport diving a spare air is all I need to get back to the surface safely though it is a good idea to train with it. Lately I have been using my Spare Air for a few unconventional ways, as a back up for crossing avalanche prone slopes along with other safety equipment of course, for white water kayaking & now my new sport Riverboarding, I just strap it to my waist or arm & its there if I get pinned in an eddy or under a strainer & need to wok out a self rescue. I use it skin diving all the time, my less than sporty version of free diving from a dive kayak anchored out to sea somewhere so I can enjoy the underwater environment longer than just one breath. Spare air is an amazing invention & I highly recommend it for all these sports!"

Michael Coyne, Boston, MA

"I have already bought the SPARE AIR system and brought it back to Greece with me. I would like to inform you that SPARE AIR system is the most useful underwater equipment I have ever used. And this is not only my opinion, but the opinion of my fellow divers in Greece who use it. I just want to tell you a big thank you for giving divers the solution to their biggest problem."

Michael Antonios Skoufos, Galesburg, IL

"I feel that Spare Air is the best piece of diving equipment that I own and couldn't bare to be without it."

Bryan Dula, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"We recently purchased two of the Spare Air units. I really enjoy knowing I have the best diving insurance available. Thanks for a great idea and a great product."

Dave Duncan, Santa Ana, CA

"I have made over 200 dives over a nine year period with this Spare Air. It is a most reliable alternate air source and while I do routinely maintain it, it has been a trouble-free piece of equipment, I believe you have a great idea and product. I recommend it to divers that I know."

Jan S. Roush, Pearland, TX

"My family owns 3 of these units. I consider them required diving equipment".

Stanley Levey, Van Nuys, CA

"As a scuba diver for many years, I have always felt comfortable knowing that your product was available should I or one of my dive buddies need emergency air. Thank you for making this remarkable unit available even if it only has to be used once in a lifetime!"

Ron Long, Rowlett, TX

"I bought a unit about a month ago and recently went to Cayman Bay Club in Honduras. The SPARE AIR was a joy to use. I find that I am more streamlined and I dive knowing that I will always have a back up to my primary. For an experiment, I made an ascent from 130' with the SPARE AIR and found there to be enough air for a short safety stop at 15'. A couple of other divers used my unit as well and they liked it. It is a pretty easy sell."

Mike Russell, Jamaica

"Members of Northland Aquanauts scuba club tested the SPARE AIR back up system at a club ice dive, 100 miles south of the border of Canada under very adverse winter conditions. A blizzard had just passed through and we were experiencing high winds and blowing and drifting snow. The wind chill temperature below the 25" thick ice was 34 degrees. Several deliberate attempts to force our SPARE AIR into 'free flow' were unsuccessful. The SPARE AIR was voted a very reliable, out-of-air-emergency ascent device."

Robert D. Edwards, President,
Northland Aquanauts Club, Grand Rapids, MN

"As an avid underwater photographer, I have discovered that even though I dive with a buddy, with my nose in the reef most of the time, I and my buddy are basically solo diving. The availability of the SPARE AIR is a real blessing for underwater photographers and I appreciate your involvement in promoting these contests. I hope I never need it, but if I do I'll let you know."

Don Peck

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