How Spare Air Works

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A. Mouthpiece - High quality silicone mouthpiece.

B. Purge Button - Clears the regulator and empties the cylinder.

C. Serial Number

D. Regulator - Our simple rugged design utilizes the same time proven technology found in typical regulators used by SCUBA divers around the world. Our always-on, breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator is easy to maintain and service.

E. Refill Port and Cap - SPARE AIR is refillable from your own SCUBA cylinder or 3 other ways through the refill port.

F. Pressure Indicator - Standard pin style indicator is easy to read – pin will be flush with surface when unit is full at 3000 psi. Optional Dial Gauge has an easy to read, color coated display for at-a-glance pressure check in psi and bar.

G. 3000 PSI Aluminum Cylinder - This SCUBA cylinder is manufactured just like standard SCUBA cylinders, with the same safety features. The cylinder should be inspected annually and hydrostatically tested once every 5 years.

H. VIP Sticker - Month and year of last cylinder visual inspection.

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