Spare Air Videos

Independent Reviews:

2020 Scuba Diving Magazine
Spare Air Review
of the 3 cu. ft. and newer 6 cu. ft. models.

Action Videos:

The Spare Air Family by Benja Iglisis
Featuring the Spare Air 3 cu. ft., Spare Air 6 cu. ft., EasyDive Kit and the new Spare Air Xtreme 6

"Minute to Spare"
One minute video showing an accent using the Spare Air 3 cu. ft.

Spare Air
3 cu. ft. and 6 cu. ft.
The Original Mini SCUBA

Introducing the Spare Air Xtreme 6
Mini SCUBA re-imagined with an integrated Snorkel to converts from surface breathing to compressed breathing air with the simple twist of a knob.

Mounting and Refilling:

How to mount your Spare Air to you BC

How to use a SCUBA tank and a yoke adapter to refill your Spare Air and Spare Air Xtreme 6

How to set up your custom Hand Pump and fill your Spare Air and Spare Air Xtreme 6

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