Testimonials - If I only had a Spare Air

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“I became very interested in your redundant air system after one of my best friends died in a diving accident off the Washington Coast. Although my friend was fully equipped with an octopus regulator system he drowned in only 20 feet of water on a clear calm day. He had been diving several years, however, in this case the Spare Air cylinder probably could have saved his life.”

William Dana, Kelso, WA

“The driving factor that led me to buy a Spare Air was an equipment failure that happened to me. While diving in 80 ft. of water the high-pressure hose to my instrument console ruptured. I began to ascend as rapidly as possible and just before breaking the surface I ran out of air. Ten more feet or a couple of more seconds and I would have been in some serious trouble. Never Again Without Spare Air!!”

Frank Cone

“I had one situation in my diving career where I was confronted with a no-air emergency 70 ft. down. The mouthpiece on my regulator became dislodged in the current and I inhaled a full breath of water. After that incident I realized I was lucky. Had I owned a Spare Air I could have had a separate air supply. I will recommend Spare Air!”

Gary Ungar, PADI Instructor, Nashville, TN

“Just after I took one photo, my tank’s o-ring blew out! At the surface I tried to use my power inflator to inflate my BC. It failed and my regulator stopped breathing at the same time. I was unable to keep my head high enough to orally inflate my BC and actually inhaled some water. I had almost drowned when my buddy gave me his regulator. If only I’d had a Spare Air to breathe from! I’ll never dive again anywhere, not even in twelve feet of water, without a Spare Air along!”

Dr. Ingrid Pruss

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