Testimonials - Spare Air is better than buddy breathing or an Octopus

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"Congratulations on a first class idea. I have been diving for over 10 years. While the concept of the buddy system is intended to provide safety, my opinion is that it is an almost total waste of time. My experience has been that 90% of the time the buddy is nowhere near you to effect a rescue. In my case, I usually am paired up with a total stranger on a dive boat. Will that person keep an eye on me? Forget it! I used Spare Air for the first time in the Caymans a few days ago and for the first time ever felt truly secure and safe at depth."

Norman Linton, Tampa, FL

"It is my opinion that the Spare Air is the single most important piece of dive equipment that I wear. I have long since abandoned the false sense of security offered by buddy breathing and octopus regulators."

Larry Toigo, West Des Moines, IA

"I am a PADI certified Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver. I first started using my SPARE AIR when I started doing underwater video, and seemed to be by myself most of my dive. Later I started reading about the idea of 'Buddy-Less' Diving, because so many times I would be diving and pair up with someone that I didn't know, let alone know of his diving skills. This concern and the fact that I was a Rescue certified diver, brought me to the conclusion that a SPARE AIR was the safest and most prudent 'Backup' system to use. Not only is it a truly redundant air supply, if you encounter an out of air diver underwater, chances are that he will panic very quickly if he doesn't get some air soon and one of the safest things to do is just hand the diver your SPARE AIR and get away from him until he calms down. Then you can get to him and assist him to the surface. But panic can very easily get both the 'rescue-er' and the 'rescue-ee' drowned. And I have to say that I am much more confident of getting out of a bad situation by having a SPARE AIR within grasp as opposed to having an octopus."

Kurt Karl Etling

"When diving, I'm a believer in 'Murphy's Law' and think it's important to have an alternate air source as I am not impressed by the way divers in general practice the Buddy System."

Bob Gould, Miami, FL

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