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"I just wanted you to know that your fantastic system that keeps me safe when diving, saved a little girls life last night. I was able to walk through thick smoke into our neighbors burning house with my mask and Spare Air and found the child trapped inside.

Thanks Spare Air! It’s the best life saver ever! I'll buy one for all my family members!

Proudly made in the US indeed!"

Paul van Zuylen, the Netherlands

“My dive buddy showed me his gauge, it read '0'!! I attempted to get my octopus to him but because of the strong current it was extremely difficult. At this moment I remembered my Spare Air. I pulled it out easily and handed it to him and he was breathing easier immediately. He bought a Spare Air the next day.”

Irving Feder, Miami Beach, FL

“I am writing to you to confirm that your Spare Air saves lives. When my son, an athletic 16 year old, came out of the ship, his pressure gauge showed 300 lbs and we began to ascend. He quickly in the excitement ran out of air and I handed him my Spare Air bottle. Our PADI training and your Spare Air bottle saved Hector's life that day. Thanks for a great product.”

Hector Mayol

"I am writing this letter to thank you for making a product that helped me save a life. We were at approximately 120 feet when my one friend signaled he was low on air. I noticed my other diving buddy signaling he was having problems with his air supply. We noticed he had a partial opening of his DIN valve. I now was faced with two problems; the first was a diver with less than 300 psi in his cylinder, and another diver with an intermittent supply of air. I made a very easy decision, I gave the first diver my octopus, the second diver my primary regulator and I took out my SPARE AIR. We immediately began our ascent at a normal rate of 60 ft. per minute and we were able to make the surface with no problem. I will always dive with my SPARE AIR due to this situation and along with the confidence that I can make a safe ascent from normal sport diving depths."

Donald E. Nelson, PADI Instructor, Logansport, IN

"On my first dive with Spare Air it's need became apparent. At the 15 ft. safety stop I ran into the dive master who pointed at my Spare Air and motioned for me to give it to him and showed me he was out of air. I am now a firm believer in Spare Air and feel every instructor should consider having one."

Chris Lane, NAUI 13569

"A few weeks ago I was diving San Carlos, Mexico. While taking a surface interval an inflatable safety sausage popped up in front of the boat. I put my mask on, grabbed my SPARE AIR and dove in. As it turns out, a diver had gone down without a buddy and had become tangled in heavy gauge fishing line and couldn't free himself. I helped him get untangled and we surfaced. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't been carrying my SPARE AIR."

Justin Kenton, Arizona

"For your information I have at least 2 saves and 5 assists as a rescue diver, and I often recommend to other divers that they utilize a Spare Air as an emergency back/up redundant system."

David Runders, Elmira, NY

"As a divemaster I give testimonies to my three emergencies, which required using the SPARE AIR. Your product is a must in Solo Diving conditions. I explain to the students that your SPARE AIR eliminates that split second decision in whether to reach your dive buddy or emergency ascent during out-of-air-emergencies. Believe me when I say, that alone is worth the investment."

Robert Clarke, Dive Team President, Redondo Beach, CA

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