Spare Air Care & Maintenance

One of the best features of Spare Air is that it's always on and ready to go diving at a moments notice. Simply follow the few steps below to keep your Spare Air in tip-top condition.

Before You Dive with Spare Air


Confirm your Spare Air is filled

Check the Pressure Pin Indicator on the regulator to make sure the unit is full.

For Dial Gauge Pressure Indicators, be sure the pressure reads within the green zone, or 3000 psi.



If necessary, fill to 3000 psi.

If Spare Air is not completely full, top off following the simple refilling instructions.



Mount your Spare Air

Mount Spare Air securely in the Covered Holster and you are ready to dive. Click for mounting techniques.


After You Dive with Spare Air

  • Remove Spare Air from Holster.
  • With pressure in the Spare Air, rinse thoroughly or soak in fresh water for 30 minutes.
  • Shake excess water from the system and dry thoroughly.
  • Spare Air should be stored full or with some positive pressure to prevent contaminants from entering the cylinder. Store in a clean, dry environment with optimum temperatures of 50-75ºF for best product performance. Avoid direct sunlight, automobile trunks or other areas subject to temperature extremes. Industry guidelines recommend replacing air in cylinders annually.

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