Spare air is small yet provides enough air for most out-out-air emergencies

Spare Air is the Original small redundant SCUBA system that began over 30 years ago.

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Spare Air can save your life!I AM ALIVE BECAUSE OF SPARE AIR!Read real life testimonials from divers like you.


Compare Spare Air to other emergency scuba systems

Comparing Spare Air to a pony system? Find out why Spare Air is the better choice.

Travel on a commercial airline with your Spare Air - click for more information

YES! You can travel with your Spare Air!

We have gathered all the information you need to take your Spare Air on any commercial airline. Visit our Traveling with Spare Air page for all the details.

Do you know the 21 ways YOU can run out of air?  Bet you can't name 6!...... PLUS, What would you do if you ran out of air?

View a video about Spare Air featured on the Popular Mechanics' website

See video of the Spare Air in action, featured on the Popular Mechanics website.



Scuba Diving sponsored a video about the Spare Air in the ScubaLab Gearhead Videos page at

Lynn Laymon explores choosing and using redundant air supplies in the Scuba Skills article in Dive Training Magazine.

Scuba RadioScuba Radio's Greg the Dive Master speaks with Submersible Systems own Vincent Michaels about the Spare Air used in an actual out-of-air emergency and other possible situations.

Alert Divers Online article on Dive Safety: It's no accidentPanic and Post Traumatic Stress. DAN takes a look at a real life dive incident where a simple equipment malfunction almost turned into sheer panic and death. A video taken by the diver during the incident is available at the end of the article. The Spare Air may have played a pivotal role in the survival of the diver.

Defence Interaction Intelligence Agency Magazine "Shaken - Not Stirred"DIIA MagazineDefense Interaction Intelligence Agency Magazine reports on the entire line of Submersible System products and how they have been saving lives for over 30 years in their "Shaken - Not Stirred" edition.

Scuba Nation Product Shorty

Scuba Nation Product ShortyScuba Nation produced a Product Shorty video about the Spare Air and placed it on their YouTube Channel.

Join us on our YouTube Channel for videos on filling, mounting and using Spare Air. Send us a YouTube link to your Dive Videos featuring your Spare Air and we may add the link to our Channel.

Scuba Diving Magazine Ask the Experts November/DecemberFrom the November/December issue of Scuba Diving Magazine, "Ask the Experts" Melinda Herndon and Peter van Scolk discuss the prospect of Redundant Air Systems becoming mandatory.

Alert Divers Online article on Dive Safety: It's no accident DAN's Alert Diver Online analyzes the root cause of death in close to 1,000 recreational diver fatalities. Read more about the accident triggers and how to avoid them.

Scuba Gear Reports reviews Redundant Air Supply Systems

The Spare Air is reviewed on the Scuba Gear Reports website. View in-depth reports on your favorite scuba gear.

60 Second Scuba Lab by Scuba Diving MagazineScuba Diving Magazine's Website now features "60 Second Scuba Lab" presenting short 60 second informational videos about your favorite diving products. Check out the Spare Air video.

Scuba Diving MagazineScuba Diving Magazine reviews the Spare Air in their "Breathe Easy" article about second stage and backup systems.

SPARE AIR is the smallest redundant SCUBA system available with enough air to get you to the surface in an out-of-air emergency. The patented SPARE AIR should be a standard piece of SCUBA diving equipment for the safety minded diver.  Explore the wealth of information about our product and diving in general. Our goal is to convince you to save your own life in an out-of-air emergency.

Over 250,000 sold - 35 years in service.

Smallest, most compact redundant emergency air system available.

Easy to use - get life giving air in seconds!

Tested & approved by the US Navy and users like you.!

Submersible Systems, Inc. is celebrating Saving Lives for 30 yearsSubmersible Systems, Inc. is celebrating Saving Lives for 35 Years. Yes, we have been manufacturing the best selling SCUBA emergency breathing device since 1979 - over 35 years! Read about why Spare Air was invented.

Spare Air is Proudly Made in the USA

Spare Air is proudly made in the USA by Submersible Systems in Huntington Beach, California.

Photo by Ty Sawyer