Carrying the Spare Air

With just 2 simple clicks, Spare Air can be mounted to your BC and you're ready to go diving!

Using the Covered Holster included in the Spare Air package, mounting is quick and easy, and keeps Spare Air close at hand - yet you don't even know you're wearing it.

Depending on your equipment and the way it is set-up, you can mount Spare Air anywhere that is most convenient for you such as:


Shoulder Mount: Attach top holster strap to shoulder strap and bottom holster strap to D-ring.


D-ring Mount: Attach bottom holster strap to tank strap and top holster strap to D-ring.


Tank Mount: Thread tank strap through holster mounting strap sewn to back of holster (some stitching may need to be carefully removed to accomodate broader tank straps). Holster straps are not used.


Extra Weight Belt Mount: Ever wondered what to do with that old weight belt you no longer use. Attach holster straps to a weight belt not being used for boyancy adjustment.

Additional Mounting Features:

  • A Safety Leash is included in the Spare Air package so you don't have to ever worry about dropping or losing your Spare Air - no matter where you put it.
  • Holster in neon yellow for safety.
  • Full covered holster protects the Spare Air from wear and tear Holster comes with mouthpiece cover and lanyard.
  • The Holdster includes two quick release straps to mount the Spare Air on your BC, tank, or wherever you desire.

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