Why do I need/should I buy a Spare Air?

SPARE AIR is the smallest redundant SCUBA system available yet is packed with 3000 psi to provide you with enough air to get you to the surface in an emergency from recreational depths. It is so small and compact anybody can carry one diving. Take safety into your own hands - buy a SPARE AIR!

Is Spare Air refillable?

Yes, SPARE AIR can be refilled easily. Visit our Refilling page for details.

How big is a Spare Air?

They are so small and compact anyone can carry them diving! SPARE AIR is the smallest redundant SCUBA system available yet is packed with 3000 psi, enough air to get you to the surface in an emergency. The 300 model is similar to the size of a can of hairspray.  The new 600 model is the same height as the 300, expanding 1 inch to the diameter and adding only 1-1/2 lbs while doubling air capacity.

Which size Spare Air should I buy?

The 300 model is our most popular size with recreational divers and is also offered in a Nitrox version for those of you who dive with Nitrox. The new 600 model will meet the demands of divers requesting an even larger air capacity, but only you can decide which model is best for you depending upon how you dive.

How much air does a Spare Air hold and at what pressure?

SPARE AIR is designed to get someone to the surface in the event of an emergency. The SPARE AIR family consists of two models all at a pressure of 3000 psi. The 300 model and the 300-N Nitrox model hold 3 cubic feet of air or approximately 57 breaths at the surface. The new 600 model doubles the air capacity of the 300 to 6 cubic feet or air or approximately 114 breaths at the surface. For more information about breathing from a Spare Air, visit our How to Use page.

Do you need to be a certified diver to use SPARE AIR underwater?

Yes, during diving classes you learn the proper way to breathe from compressed air without causing serious harm to yourself. SPARE AIR is a piece of diving equipment and all rules that apply to diving also apply to the use of SPARE AIR.

Do you need to be a certified diver to use SPARE AIR for above water out-of-air-emergencies?

Many customers use SPARE AIR for above water emergency situations like residential and commercial fire (smoke inhilation prevention) and industrial chemical air contamination. In those cases, there is no certification necessary for above ground use.

Where can I mount it?

SPARE AIR units come with a Holster that allows you to mount the SPARE AIR virtually anywhere! Two quick disconnect straps connect the Holster on the front of the BC cummerbund, on your tank strap or anywhere on your BC that you choose. Visit our Carrying the Spare Air page or consult the Owner's Manual for more information.


Where can I purchase a Spare Air?

We recommend you first visit your local Spare Air Authorized Dealer/Dive Shop. They can offer training, service and practical advice about how to use your Spare Air. Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you. Purchase a SPARE AIR direct from us on our Online Store.

How much does a Spare Air cost?

SPARE AIR is sold in packages that include the SPARE AIR unit of choice, the Holster, Safety Leash and Refill Adapter. For current pricing, visit our online shopping cart. Also check your local dive shop for their prices.

How can I get a dial gauge for my SPARE AIR?

An optional dial gauge pressure indicator is available to replace the standard pressure pin indicator. You can purchase one right now at our Online SPARE AIR Parts & Accessories Shopping Cart or visit your local SPARE AIR Dealer.


Does Spare Air work well in different water temperatures?

Yes, they have been tested and proven effective in all recreational diving conditions.

What is the recommended depth?

The SPARE AIR model is designed for recreational diving limits of less than 100 feet.

How long should it take to fill a SPARE AIR / what is the average safe filling time?

It takes approximately 1-3 minutes to fill to 3000 psi depending on your model. Open your SCUBA tanks valve slowly to control the air flow. Rapidly opening the valve can damage your Spare Air.

Does the Spare Air affect buoyancy?

All models are nearly neutrally buoyant. You may need to adjust your weight as necessary.


How long is the warranty period?

SPARE AIR units have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

What maintenance does SPARE AIR require?

The unit should be removed from its holster, rinsed off in fresh water after every dive, dried, stored full of air, and taken to an authorized repair facility for an overhaul once a year. For more information, visit our Care and Maintenance page.

Do the 3000 psi cylinders have to be hydro tested?

Yes, all SPARE AIR 3000 psi cylinders need to be VIP tested once every year and hydro tested once every 5 years.

Send your Spare Air to us for hydro testing

Do the 1800 psi cylinders have to be hydro tested?

No, all older SPARE AIR 1800 psi cylinders (discontinued) are exempt from hydro testing, but do require annual visual inspections.

I need a part to repair my SPARE AIR. Can I order the part from you?

Your can purchase the SPARE AIR part if it is external / cosmetic. Examples are: Mouthpiece, Snap Ring, Check Valve Cap, etc. If your SPARE AIR is in need of an external part, please visit our Online Store and order your SPARE AIR part or accessory today. If the part is internal, it requires installation by an authorized SPARE AIR technician. Please take your unit to an Authorized SPARE AIR Dealer/Dive Shop or send to Submersible Systems for repair.

Can I upgrade my unit to a Nitrox model / use a standard SPARE AIR with Nitrox?

We recommend purchasing the Nitrox ready SPARE AIR. For any other information on Nitrox conversion, you should consult with a store that specializes in Nitrox.


What do I need to do to take Spare Air on commercial aircraft?

The good news is that you can fly with your Spare Air. For more information, visit our Traveling With a Spare Air page.

What affect will flying at various altitudes have on my SPARE AIR?

Flying at various altitudes should not produce any negative effects on the product. It has been used by the Navy, Air Force & private pilots for decades.

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